WWII horrors buried in the sands of Kuantan

Ethelin Teo escaped being used by the Japanese as a comfort woman during WWII by disguising as a boy, but many dark memories remain.

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This man witnessed the start of World War II

Omar Senik was on Sabak Beach the day the Japanese invaded Malaya, an hour before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Malacca’s hidden World War II memories

Andrew Carvalho, a World War II survivor, brings R.AGE back to places in Malacca where he experienced the Japanese Occupation.

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Power to the People

Coffee shop complaining is nothing new, but the youth from the Organisation for National Empowerment (ONE) hope to change that.

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Top tips for young filmmakers

Directors Zhou Hao and Zhao Qi were in town to talk about their Sundance award-winning documentary, The Chinese Mayor. Here are there top tips for aspiring filmmakers.

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Cosplay Crusader

Professional cosplayer Aza Miyuko talks about the pros and cons of her growing popularity. Crazy fans? Check. International fame? Check.

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A crowdfunding success

Director Paul Gan went from ‘begging’ for funds to attending this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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That’s so fetch

Lacrosse, the strange lovechild of tennis and hockey, is here to stay.

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Getting that big break with MTV

Is working at MTV as cools as it looks? Three lucky winners got to go behind the scenes and help produce MTV World Stage 2015 Malaysia.

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The judges’ verdict

The judges dish out the cold, hard truth to our contestants during the finale. Who survived unscathed?

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