The 100% Project has funded projects by some very dedicated teachers. Here are a few examples.

The Genius Hour
By Victor Lam, SMK Subis, Sarawak.
Amount funded: RM3,000
Students impacted: 34

GOOGLE employees are allowed to use 20% of their working hours on personal projects that benefit the company. Inspired by that concept, Lam gave his students in SMK Subis some time every week to work on projects they are passionate about. The funds raised were used to purchase a laptop, projector and mobile WiFi service so his students could research their project ideas.

Sponsoring science trip
By Nigel Sim, SMJK Yoke Kwan, Selangor.
Amount funded: RM3,000
Students impacted: 12

SIM organised special STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workshops for his students in the small town of Sekinchan, and wanted to see their science projects competing at the Young Innovate competition in Kuala Lumpur. He turned to 100% Project to sponsor the trip, and he received more than the RM2,500 he requested for. His students finished third in the competition!

Wholesome Taekwondo classes
By Fabian Lim, SMK Luar Bandar Miri, Sarawak.
Amount funded: RM1,700
Students impacted: 30-60

BEING in a rural school, most of Lim’s students have never been exposed to other cultures, and that’s why Lim used the 100% Project to crowdfund Taekwondo training equipment. As a first degree black belt holder, he could train his students for free, giving them a taste of South Korean culture while improving their sense of discipline.

100% Project

Lim (centre) gave his students a taste of Korean culture, and the opportunity to learn martial arts.

University road trip
By Tony Ng, SMK Seberang Temerloh, Pahang.
Amount funded: RM2,800
Students impacted: 26

IT broke Ng’s heart to see some of his students struggling to learn how to read, so he started a literacy programme called Smart Readers, which was a huge success. To encourage and inspire the students to continue learning all the way to university level, he requested for RM2,800 to bring his students on a “celebration trip” to Universiti Malaya Pahang.

Literacy intervention
By Ng Li Yen, SMK Kuala Kurau, Perak.
Amount funded: RM2,650
Students impacted: 20

THERE were students at Ng’s school who had the literacy level of kindergarten students, so she decided to start an “English literacy intervention programme”. With crowdfunding from 100% Project, she invested in the MY Readers module, which she would go through with the students for two hours every week after school.

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