Who would have thought that the humble game of Battleship, would become one helluva impressive franchise?


There’s the boardgame, which has seen plenty of variants, with the latest being released last year. Updated to include islands and even “prisoners” of sorts, they’ve managed to make it look pretty cool too!


Then there’s the now-available Battleship Galaxies, which is set in the deepest reaches of space. It’s Battleship in the battle department, but man do the ships and setting look uber-awesome-cool.


Hey, and you know what, I’ll talking about the game in print, next week. Watch for it!


In the meantime, I may be a little slow to catch this, but turns out there’s a motion picture adaption of this iconic franchise. Hotdamn, the trailer looks pretty sweet!


I’ll let you figure out which part of the movie is similar to the boardgame. I can’t wait, seriously!


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