Malacca is known for its historical and cultural values and for the BRATs Malacca 2011 participants, the workshop was a chance for them to take a step into the past.

The 42 participants were introduced to various people in Malacca who uphold their culture and traditions in hopes of passing their knowledge to the next generation.

The BRATs met K. Nadarajan Raja of the Malacca Chitty Association who works hard to preserve what is left of the community living in the Chitty Village there. They were also introduced to Marina Danker of the Portuguese Settlement and even had the chance interview Regedor (or village headman) Peter Thomas Gomes.


The BRATs interviewing Marina Danker (left)

At Jonker Street, the participants were given the grand treatment at The Royal Press, one of the nation’s oldest printing houses and also got to see how traditional Baba and Nyonya beaded shoes, handmade soaps and traditional pastries were made.

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BRATs Malacca 2011 participants:

Aishah Madinah Haris, Amelia Thripura Henderson, Chan Rui Wenn, Chin Kah Loong, Chua Ken Jin, Leeynesh Sooriyapiragasam, Chua Siew May, Danyika Selvarajah, Evangeline Han, David Ho, Jay Anil Singh Shemar, Liew Jen Yoong, Lau Sue Een, Lee Min Hui, Lee Wen Qing, Lum Ka Kay, Melanie Khoo, Natalie Yong, Nathalie Annete Kee, Netusha Naidu Raju Naidu, Nina Pramila, Olivia Yeoh, Ong Jia Ying, Rashmika Krishnamoorthy, Lim Zhi Min, Perassath Servai Vedagiri, Ryan Michael Tham, Sabrina Loh, Sherrinder Kaur Jamit Singh, Tan Sue Ann, Sathesh Raj Periasamey, Tan Choon Sam, Teoh Ming Yuet, Thayalan Ravi, Teng Jing Ying, Tharaniya S. Nair Suthesan, Tracy Lim, Trisha Toh, Wee Jia Yi, Yap Yi Peng, Yong Wei Ying, Zarrah Marie Morden

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