I should start out by being honest – I don’t shop online much. I have a thing for trying stuff on before I actually buy it, which makes my taste in clothes somewhat… pricier than most.

That said, I frequent many blogs, mostly for inspiration, to see what people are wearing, how they’re wearing it and if there are any quirky styles I’d someday like to experiment with.

One of my favourites is a blog by my friends Melody and Emily – Frocking Around. I LOVE this blog because they have the same taste as I have – beautiful flowery prints and trendy clothes.

Yup I know you can’t actually buy stuff on this blog, same goes for my other favourite This dude goes around everywhere photographing people’s unique styles – and not just modellike people, but regulars off the street.

Then, there’s, where there are heaps of things to look through, but my favourite blog review sites are, Diary of an E-Shopaholic and Little Accompaniments.

This is heaps better than window shopping. At least I can’t touch the items and be tempted to bring out the plastic!

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