“Is it Marianne Tan?”, “Maybe it’s Reuben Kang…”, “I think it’s Jared Lee!” were some of the responses we got when we asked team Dynamitez to guess who their CHEER Celebrity Supporter is. But little did they know, they were about to meet all THREE of them, who signed on to be the ambassadors for the cheerleading team of SMK Damansara Jaya. So when the trio walked in on their training, the cheerleaders’ faces lit up in excitement. Well, it’s not everyday you get to meet your favourite celebrities in person and what more, to have them represent you at this year’s CHEER!

“We were all really surprised they chose our team! We have been waiting all week for the results and when we saw them, we were thrilled!” said Dynamitez captain, Loh Pui Yee. Then, the cheerleaders immediately put them to work by teaching them the half extension, a move that involves lifting a cheerleader up. And being the sporting people that they are, Tan and Lee lifted Kang!

“It looks so easy because you think you just have to stand there. But it’s actually not! My legs couldn’t take it, they were shaking!” said Kang. After that, they passed the floor back to the cheerleaders, who wowed all three of them with some cheerleading moves. “I honestly don’t know how they do it! I heard they don’t have a coach, and they train all year round, two hours every day after school. Usually after school I would rather go home and sleep!” said Lee, who was also lifted by the cheerleaders.

Come August 15, all three of them will be at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre to cheer on Dynamitez. But it won’t be their first time at the premier cheerleading competition as Tan has seen Dynamitez perform throughout the years and Kang was there at the very first CHEER back in 2000. Tan, who has always liked watching cheerleading stunts, said they are really proud to represent Dynamitez. “Even during my high school days, Dynamitez was known to crush the other teams with their solid routines and creative stunts. So being able to support them was more of an honour for us,” she mentioned.

Kang and Lee were lifted by cheerleaders, but it was Tan, who got her hands dirty. #girlpower - Photo: RAYMOND OOI/ The Star

Kang and Lee were lifted by cheerleaders, but it was Tan, who got her hands dirty. #girlpower – Photo: RAYMOND OOI/ The Star

And to show their support, Kang, Tan and Lee, who are the faces of Morningwood cafe, will be treating them to coffee if they stop by after the competition. “Win or lose, coffee on us! Since they all worked so hard, we would like to return the favour and cheer for them instead,” said Kang.

And according to Loh, the team is working harder now because they have someone who believes in them. “Our team lacks support from our school and parents. Some of the cheerleaders have to pay off their cheer expenses on their own because most of our parents aren’t really supportive. But we definitely feel more motivated now,” she said. “The fact that they chose to support us gave us the extra motivation to win back the title in order to make them proud. We don’t want to let them regret choosing us.”

WATCH: Our behind-the-scenes footage of Reuben, Marianne and Jared’s visit to the Dynamitez gym.


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