IN the movie DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story (which was not based on any actual team), one of its characters, dodgeball coach Patches O’ Houlihan says: “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

And judging from the action at MAD Campus Dodgeball League 2011 (Season 3) last weekend, most, if not all, of the players are able to dodge a wrench – if one was ever thrown in their direction.

Ten dodgeball clubs from local and international colleges/universities participated in the final league held at Subang Avenue, Subang Jaya, Selangor, and the USCI University’s teams showed that they were the ones to beat.

The players were swift to dodge and quick on their feet and they definitely provided many nail-biting moments throughout the competition.

The teams from USCI – Devil’s Dukes and Red Legion – proved that they are forces to be reckoned with when they took home the gold and bronze medals respectively.


“I am extremely proud of my players and everyone else in the team. We have worked hard and it all paid off. We earned this victory,” said team captain Sina Delavari, 21.

This is the second time a team from USCI has won the championship trophy, which Sina hopes will become a tradition of some sort for the university’s dodgeball club.

“It’s my last year playing for this dodgeball club and we have won the championship trophy. I hope that whoever becomes the next captain will not break the streak. I hope that they would keep the championship trophy in USCI,” said Sina.

Devil’s Dukes’ sister team, Red Legions, were awarded the third spot after beating KDU College’s KDU Ronins in a tough match.

Coming in second, but not without giving the Devil’s Dukes a tough fight in the finals, were Taylor’s University College Lakeside Campus’ team, Taylors Storm. The players didn’t not go down without a fight and though disappointment was apparent on their faces, they were still proud of their performance that day.


“We played well, but nevertheless, it’s not our time to lift the championship trophy this season. There’s always next year,” said Andrea Low, 19.

She was also voted as the Most Valuable Female Player in the competition, while Simon Quah, 20, of KDU Ronins was named Most Valuable Male Player.


“I didn’t expect this win at all,” said Andrea. She started playing dodgeball since March last year and only joined because the game was very team-oriented.

“That was the only reason I took up dodgeball. It encourages team spirit and we all get to work together to achieve a common goal,” she revealed.

The MAD Campus Dodgeball League 2011 (Season 3) was indeed a team affair. Not only did the participants played in the tournament, they were also provided the entertainment factor.

Each participating college and university had to send a team of “Dodgettes” (a support team) that put on performances between games and supported their respective teams throughout the competition.

The teams also had to provide their own sportcasters to go against the commentators from the opposing team during matches.

Taylors Storm won the title of Most Energetic Dodgettes and put on an encore performance during the prize giving ceremony, attended by Information, Communications and Culture Ministry deputy minister Senator Datuk Manglin Dennis D’Cruz.

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