Cryptozoic Entertainment keeps bringing in the goodies, as the World of Warcraft TCG’s latest expansion set, War of the Ancients, is slated for a late September sneak preview event.


And in case anyone wants to play here in Petaling Jaya (or the Klang Valley), check out the local WoW TCG community’s Facebook page here for latest info and dates of the same event.


War of the Ancients will be a new block, and marks a literal return of sorts, to the Warcraft universe’s roots, by focusing on the first races that was more prevalent in the very first expansions of the TCG. Yup, say hello again to Taurens, Orcs, Elves and Humans, among others, as Cryptozoic seems to be stepping off the Monster-and-Dragons theme for a wee bit.


More spoilers incoming, as the weeks roll on, so stay tuned to Cryptozoic’s official WoW TCG site for all sorts of awesome updates on the new stuff!


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