Bring on the Ancients!

Cryptozoic Entertainment keeps bringing in the goodies, as the World of Warcraft TCG’s latest expansion set, War of the Ancients, is slated for a late September sneak preview event.   And in case anyone wants to play here in Petaling Jaya (or the Klang Valley), check out the local WoW TCG community’s Facebook page here […]

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WoW TCG card bans, ouch…

It’s not very often that card bans in trading card games (TCGs) happen, especially for a masterpiece such as WoW TCG (World of Warcraft Trading Card Game). But fans will be disappointed to note that the proverbial axe has fallen on three cards, to be exact.   But sometimes, despite best intent, games do get […]

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New WoW TCG Raid Deck – Time for Aspects!

WoW TCG (World of Warcraft Trading Card Game) fans will be excited to know that there will be a new Raid Deck product next month.   Battle of the Aspects has a worldwide street date of August 7, which is very, very soon! Now, there’s just been a whole spoiler-full article summary on the official Cryptozoic […]

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First looks at Tomb of the Forgotten

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (or WoW TCG in short) would be pumped as hell over the arrival of the latest expansion set!   Now that us Malaysians have another steady WoW TCG supplier to count on, it’s time to crack open more packs, and enjoy the new loot.   One of the better […]

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WoW TCG now back in Comics Corner

Well, straight after I raved about the new incoming WoW TCG expansion set, there’s more good news. Your friendly games stockist and hangout Comics Corner will be filling us with supplies of the new set, Tomb of the Forgotten, this month onwards!   Better yet, there they now have stocks of the newer recent expansions, Crown of Heavens and […]

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Tomb time

It’s that time of the year again when a new World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (WoW TCG) set comes a-calling.   Tomb of the Forgotten, will check in worldwide by June 12, with more monsters, loot and other good stuff, then!   Very few preview cards for now, but the good news is, the […]

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Dungeon Decks first impressions

Mano et mano trading card game (TCG) sessions can only get you so far, and the World of Warcraft TCG is no exception.   My playgroup’s recent rekindlement with WoW TCG has been amped up further with the new Dungeon Decks, featuring three awesomely cool characters: meet Lord Godfrey, Scarlet Commander Mograine, and Vanessa Van […]

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New World of Warcraft TCG set!

Trust that everyone enjoyed last weekend’s The Star Online Carnivale event which took place at Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya. I certainly had fun demo-ing some of my favorite games, the World of Warcraft (WoW) TCG and the new Blood Bowl card game (by Fantasy Flight Games).   Speaking of WoW, looks like my beloved […]

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