It’s not very often that card bans in trading card games (TCGs) happen, especially for a masterpiece such as WoW TCG (World of Warcraft Trading Card Game). But fans will be disappointed to note that the proverbial axe has fallen on three cards, to be exact.


But sometimes, despite best intent, games do get broken. With thousands of cards to manage and monitor, Cryptozoic has decided to remove Sava’gin the Reckless, Bottled Light and Etched Dragonbone Girdle from the more open, and very new Contemporary Constructed format.


Well, with majority of players having yet to take to the new format, the effect of the card bans remain to be seen on the secondary marketplaces. Sava’gin was worth a princely sum, so let’s see how this ban filters through?


I’m still deeply divided over card bans. How much should a game company do before implementing the ultimate ban sanction? What about cards that negate or overcome the powerful effects of other cards? Discuss away!


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