Mano et mano trading card game (TCG) sessions can only get you so far, and the World of Warcraft TCG is no exception.


My playgroup’s recent rekindlement with WoW TCG has been amped up further with the new Dungeon Decks, featuring three awesomely cool characters: meet Lord Godfrey, Scarlet Commander Mograine, and Vanessa Van Cleef.


So the basic premise is simple: you get your regular (or your best!) 61-card decks, and start taking on a Dungeon Deck. Each Dungeon Deck can be run “automatically”, so no player needs to control it, as the resultant actions (and pain) are resolved semi-randomly.


You and your friends get to go against a common enemy that wields regular, and often, spectacularly powerful allies, equipment and abilities.


I had a chance to have a go at the Scarlet Commander Mograine Dungeon Deck over the weekend, and boy was it amazing fun. Each deck has level difficulties, with Level 1 proving to be pretty easy for our beefed up Class Starters (around half or more of the Class Starters tweaked and modded with our favorite, and stronger stuff).


Level 2 was astonishingly tough going, as the multiplication of damage was pretty insane. Imagine the Commander himself gaining Assault 10 in some turns, and you get the picture. Another masochistic attempt – this time Level 3 – proved to be disastrous as well.


Well, I have to say that things got a lot more manageable once my group fielded much stronger and beefier decks – my improvised Death Knight Ghoul rush, a full-on Horde Shaman and an uber-Priest.


We were helped by quick opening hands, and efficiently grinded out the win thanks to plenty of ally destruction (Priest) and totems (Shaman). The raid ended with an appropriately-timed Turn 7 Zarixx, Herald of Death, which added one 3/3 Ghoul token ally to the pair already on board, and attacked for 12 damage. (Overkill admittedly, since the evil Commander was down to his final point of health.)


After four to five raids in less than two hours, I have to say that these decks are excellent value for money, given that the replayability is pretty darn high. Cryptozoic’s artwork continues to be superb, while the speedy gameplay ensures that downtime remains a minimum. Conclusion: pick up these babies and give your regular WoW TCG decks a fun workout, now! Warning though, don’t underestimate these puppies!


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