Game On!

R.AGE is giving away 10 free pairs of tickets to this year’s ultimate event, the Garena Cyber Games!

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Unity through sports

By LAM KA-JHUN For three days in late September, over a thousand students from South-East Asia gathered in Melbourne for a rather unlikely event – the Asean Games Australia (AGA). Held for the second year running, the sporting event saw participants competing in nine disciplines, including badminton, squash, futsal and netball. AGA 2013 kicked […]

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Nerf wars

By ZARRAH MARI MORDEN, YAP YI PENG and JOSHUA RALPH KAMIJAN The Nerf community in Malaysia might not be the biggest, but judging from the response to the Nerf Showdown tournament last week at KDU University College, Selangor, it is definitely growing. Organised by the Nerf Daman–sara community and KDU Uni–versity College, the event […]

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March arrivals

This month’s boardgames and card game shipment for the ToyBox game shop include a bunch of newer items from Fantasy Flight Games.   Noteworthy highlights would be Star Wars Living Card Game’s first expansion, Desolation of Hoth – finally! FFG’s Star Wars Miniatures’ long-overdue expansions, including the Slave I and Millennium Falcon sets, are also […]

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Getting the gamers on

I was on holiday (well, still am, since I’m flying back to KL in several days) in Melbourne, and asides from sampling the city’s awesome food and sights, I actually stumbled upon several games stores.   One of them was a Games Workshop store, right in the heart of the city’s central business district, in […]

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Playing spot

By CHEE YIH YANG   ONE of the questions that my group of boardgamer friends grapple with constantly is, “Where shall we play?” We’ve got a very accommodative venue at a local kopitiam in a neighbourhood mall, but after nearly a year playing and eating there, the items on the menu are getting a […]

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Where do you play games?

That’s right, the title of my blog post this time around is as straight as it gets: where do you play and hang out?   It’s a question that my group of boardgamer friends are grappling with once again. We’ve got a very accommodative venue in Papa’s Café, Tropicana City Mall, but after nearly a […]

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Board game benefits

 By CHEE YIH YANG I am sure I’m not the only person who wonders how long more will board games, trading card games (TCGs), living card games (LCGs) and their ilk be around. With attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, and the greater acculturation of all things digital, will they still be popular in […]

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The legend continues

When we talk about trading card games (TCGs), the titles that surely come to our minds are Magic: The Gathering, World Of Warcraft and of course, Pokemon. What many fail to remember is that there are scores of other TCGs out there, with their own niche followings and communities. One of these niche games is […]

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We haz a comic and games convention!

Listen up boys and girls, we gonna see our very own comic and games convention from Friday, 18 May to Sunday, 20 May. That’s when the Malaysian Games and Comics Convention 2012 will be held in Kolej Damansara Utama (Damansara Jaya)!   The doors will open from 10am till 6pm daily, with comics, games, cosplay […]

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