Player-Fan-04-SPsThis month’s boardgames and card game shipment for the ToyBox game shop include a bunch of newer items from Fantasy Flight Games.


Noteworthy highlights would be Star Wars Living Card Game’s first expansion, Desolation of Hoth – finally! FFG’s Star Wars Miniatures’ long-overdue expansions, including the Slave I and Millennium Falcon sets, are also here.


Shipment is due to arrive this week, so stay tuned at their Facebook page to see when they check in exactly!


And speaking of shipments, word has it that Meeples Café will be opening up their late March/April games orders this weekend. So, what do you really want to order? I’m all pumped over the new Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game expansion, Sudden Death. About time I’d say!


What are you looking forward to most, game-wise? Do tweet me at or leave me feedback below.

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