That’s right, the title of my blog post this time around is as straight as it gets: where do you play and hang out?


It’s a question that my group of boardgamer friends are grappling with once again. We’ve got a very accommodative venue in Papa’s Café, Tropicana City Mall, but after nearly a year, the food menu items are getting kind of stale for some in the group.


That said, a “substitute venue” has its work cut out: Papa’s Café has nice long tables which can be easily extended, power points for laptops (essential when running Blood Bowl: Team Manager Card Game league sessions), and relatively fuss-free traffic and parking, despite it being a mall.


It doesn’t help that the seemingly ongoing weak consumer spending is even hitting the game shops: Mage Café, a long-time stalwart in Damansara Jaya (near where my group plays, and lives) recently ended its business and shut down.


Granted, there are plenty of similar games cafes, but the group does not fancy driving to “faraway” areas such as Subang Jaya, where traffic is pretty nasty as well, even on weekends.


This got me thinking as an idea for next month’s print column: I shall try and find out where gamers hang. Plus, would also be interesting to find out from the shops themselves: what are they doing to maintain the foot traffic?


So, where do you play?


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