If you’ve missed playing with X-Wings and TIE Fighters from the classic Star Wars universe, now’s your chance to catch up with a spanking new product from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG in short).


The gaming company announced a slew of Star Wars-related games, including a Living Card Game (slated for end-2012 release), and a role-playing game as well, and it looks like the X-Wing Miniatures Game is now available in better gaming shops in Malaysia.


FFG’s coup of scoring the Star Wars franchise is certainly a meaty addition to its already impressive line of gaming franchises, which currently includes boardgame and card game adaptations from famous “brands” such as Warhammer (Fantasy, 40k as well as the Blood Bowl settings) and A Game of Thrones (both the books and the TV series).


The miniatures in the X-Wing game are all pre-painted, and you get to engage in fast-paced battles that look pretty hot. In case you missed it, why don’t you check out the previews on the FFG website here. Don’t forget to also check out demo videos from FFG’s official YouTube channel here as well.


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