WoW TCG (World of Warcraft Trading Card Game) fans will be excited to know that there will be a new Raid Deck product next month.


Battle of the Aspects has a worldwide street date of August 7, which is very, very soon! Now, there’s just been a whole spoiler-full article summary on the official Cryptozoic Entertainment website, right here.


Raid decks are standalone multiplayer products, and function with special rules, so players can get going and participate in a many-versus-one contest, against a preset deck.


The backstory for this special set, involves a huge dragon thing named Deathwing the Destroyer. Well, what matters more is that we’ll be getting more new treasure pack cards, in this very primo and special set. Well, there’s already a new Thrall confirmed for the set: can you say, uber-powerful? I’m drooling too much!


Now, the other interesting bit about Battle of the Aspects is the new WoW TCG variant that will debut with it. Dubbed the Chaos Format, you will be able to build decks that can only have single copies of your favoritest cards.


Yes, Magic fans will instantly recognise this as a ripoff, errr, homage to the now-staple Commander format. The Chaos Format has another neat rule, in which every ally can protect a hero, regardless on whether they have the Protector keyword or not.


Well, looks like we’ve got to hang on a little bit more before we try the new stuff!


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