World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (or WoW TCG in short) would be pumped as hell over the arrival of the latest expansion set!


Now that us Malaysians have another steady WoW TCG supplier to count on, it’s time to crack open more packs, and enjoy the new loot.


One of the better ways to enjoy WoW TCG is undoubtedly by buying the Epic Collection. It’s great value as you get a cool playmat, a bunch of booster packs, and some shiny stuff, all locked in a nice sturdy box that has class separators for you to sort your budding card collection.


I bought one in Worldbreaker, and I still love the box. Well, curious? Then get the lowdown from local WoW TCG, Team CyberWOW, on what the deal is, for the latest set’s Epic Collection, here! Convinced yet? 😉


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