So by now you would have seen the bulk of the Magic 2013 previews. Wizards of the Coast just started officially previewing the first official spoilers, but if you look hard enough, most, if not all the cards, are already available for viewing, somewhere in the interwebs.


What does everyone think? I no longer play and collect, but IMHO I do see why some fans are disappointed. The card pool looks mixed at best, despite several new incarnations of planeswalkers, and the return of the almighty Nicol Bolas, in his planeswalker iteration.


The dual lands prove to be disappointing, but on the flipside, it matches what Wizards set out to do, which is to maintain the ease of entry for the new guys. The experienced can probably skip this set, and not be hurt very much by it – or so I think.


At the very least, people will be wondering about the next block, Return to Ravnica. Will it rock? Well, I’ll continue to keep my distance from Magic, and concentrate on the World of Warcraft TCG. Much better art methinks!


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