Don’t listen to your parents

They only want what’s best for you and your career, but don’t listen to them. Not always, anyway, says our columnist Dr Jason Leong.

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New directions with Zayn Malik

Our columnist Anwar Hadi explores stepping out of our comfort zones, just like ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik did.

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Five sweat-proof makeup tips

Our columnist beauty blogger Emily Quak shares her tips on keeping your makeup sweat-proof in this hot Chinese New Year weather.

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Trying a new roast

The Ultimate Noob agrees to do a comedy roast before realising it’s quite different from a cooking one.

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Medical nightmares

Comedian Jason Leong recalls the horrors of life as a medical student, in full technicolor detail.

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Breakin’ it down

Rapper Jin Hackman waxes lyrical over his love for hip hop.

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Natural makeup 101

Perfect your ‘no-makeup makeup’ look with the help of our beauty columnist, YouTube makeup guru Emliy Quak!

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One step at a time

Footballer K Reuben believes we should look for the positives – in both football and life.

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Flying without wings

Sometimes you fall, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you fly.

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Getting serious for a bit

We’re all about discussing serious issues on social media these days, but only for as long as they’re viral, says our columnist vlogger Anwar Hadi.

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