IF you’re planning your back-to-school “no-makeup makeup” look, you’ve come to the right place!
It doesn’t look it, but getting the perfect no-makeup makeup look is not easy. Perfect skin, a barely-there flush, rosebud lips, and that lit-from-within glow are all major players in this look, and they’ve got to look natural, too. Here’s how you achieve that look with minimal effort and product.

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Always, always start with a minimum of SPF30. Follow with a primer (Maybelline’s Baby Face primer is a great budget-friendly option).

If you’ve got skin that needs more coverage, opt for a BB cream and apply it with your fingers or a damp sponge. If you’ve got good skin, skip this step – just a bit of concealer will do.

Apply concealer to darker areas of your face, like around your nose, underneath your eyes, and around your mouth.

Make sure to blend the concealer into your skin with a damp sponge. If you’ve got a pimple or scar that needs extra coverage, use dabbing motions to apply your concealer (if you swipe, you’ll just wipe off all your hard work!).

Set your base makeup in place by dusting a light layer of loose powder onto your face – Sasa is a great place to find some quality loose powder that won’t break the bank.


Add a beautiful, natural flush to your face with a cream-based blush. Stila makes some great, natural-looking ones.

Now, here’s the key – use the exact same colour on other areas of your face for a natural look. Apply a tiny bit to your eyelids to open up your eyes, and dab some onto your lips for a bit of colour.


Finally, you can do a bit of “detailing” work to enhance your features. Add a thin line of pencil eyeliner only between the lashes on your upper lashline to make your lashes appear fuller.

Curl your eyelashes (this makes a world of difference! You can skip mascara for the most natural finish) to really open up and enhance your eyes. If, like me, you have sparse brow hairs, use a thin brow pencil and ‘feather in’ some brow hairs – lightly draw short, hair-like lines to mimic brow hairs and fill in your brows using this technique.

And that’s it! Once you get the hang of this routine, it won’t take any longer than five minutes to complete. You’ll be ready to walk the halls and rule the classrooms in no time. Study hard!

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Emily Quak is a YouTuber, blogger and avowed beauty addict at

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