The Elephant In Our Room

The orang asli in the Royal Belum State Park are constantly fending off elephants that have been translocated into their backyards.

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Surviving the WWII bombing of Penang

At 92, James has seen it all, but his time spent working under the Kempeitai during WWII in Penang haunts him to this day.

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WWII horrors buried in the sands of Kuantan

Ethelin Teo escaped being used by the Japanese as a comfort woman during WWII by disguising as a boy, but many dark memories remain.

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This man witnessed the start of World War II

Omar Senik was on Sabak Beach the day the Japanese invaded Malaya, an hour before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Common beauty pageant myths debunked

What is it really like at behind the scenes at the the Miss Universe pageant? 2015 winner Vanessa Tevi​ lays it straight for 2016 winner Kiran Jassal​

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Malacca’s hidden World War II memories

Andrew Carvalho, a World War II survivor, brings R.AGE back to places in Malacca where he experienced the Japanese Occupation.

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Win a Nickelodeon hoodie from Pandelela Rinong

R.AGE sat down with Pandelela Rinong for a quick chat about what it was like in the Olympic village, her workout routine and her Kid’s Choice Awards nomination.

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WWII survivors tell their stories

R.AGE is collecting stories from Malaysian WWII survivors for an interactive video documentary series.

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Power to the People

Coffee shop complaining is nothing new, but the youth from the Organisation for National Empowerment (ONE) hope to change that.

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Malaysian lion dance is at risk

Malaysia has some of the world’s best young lion dance performers, but that could all change real soon.

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