IN Malaysia, cheerleaders don’t get a lot of support or recognition. They’re always being told that cheerleading’s not a real sport.

Well, if you’ve been to CHEER, or any other cheerleading tournament, you’d know that’s not true. These guys and girls are some of the toughest, bravest and most spirited athletes you’ll ever find.

So, to help change those misconceptions about cheerleading in Malaysia, we reached out to a few famous friends who’re always up for supporting a good cause.

We called it the CHEER Celebrity Supporter campaign, where we would find six deserving high school cheerleading teams, and assign a celebrity ambassador to each of them.

We then paid each team a surprise visit, with their Celebrity Supporter in tow. It was A LOT of fun.

The celebrities would then take time to find out more about the sport, and how dedicated and passionate the teams are.

They also each had to take up a challenge — to learn a cheerleading stunt/move, and in Red FM breakfast show host JJ’s case, join in on their training.

Watch the full CHEER Celebrity Supporter video series below!

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YouTube stars Reuben Kang, Marianne Tan and Jared Lee

Dancer extraordinaire and YouTube star Dennis Yin

Red FM breakfast show host JJ Fernandez

Stand-up comedian Prakash Daniel

Red FM deejay and CHEER host Jeremy Teo

YouTube star Joseph Germani

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