Ng Shin Ying, 17

Team Anselm
SMK Infant Jesus Convent, Malacca

WHEN none of her schoolmates seemed enthusiastic about joining the school’s cheerleading team, Ng Shin Ying did not give up. She told herself that she would keep approaching them until there were enough members to form a team to join Cheer 2013. She did form a team and her determination paid off when Anselm was crowned champions at the recent Cheer 2013 Southern Regional Finals.

Why did you decide to become a cheerleader?
When I was Form One, I saw the cheerleading team perform at the school’s sports day. I thought it was cool and registered to join the team. I was happy when I was offered a place on the team.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far?
Finding new members to join the team. The existing cheerleaders were stereotyped and other girls didn’t want to join the team. Some parents were not very encouraging because cheerleading practises take up a lot of our time.

What keeps you going?
I just like cheerleading. Many people don’t understand that it takes a lot of effort, team work and determination to put on a routine and I feel happy when we do it perfectly.

How long did it take for you to assemble this team of cheerleaders and finalize the routine?
We only started practising three weeks ago because we couldn’t get enough people before and there was the school holidays. Our flyers, the twins were school gymnasts and I managed to convince them to participate. That helped because it was easier to train them.

Do you have a coach?
No. Unfortunately we don’t have enough budget to hire a coach. We do everything ourselves with the help of our teacher advisor, Madam Tan Sock Horng who is present during practise and helped us get our uniforms tailored and registered us for Cheer 2013.

Who inspires you in cheerleading?
Maddie Gardner. She is an amazing cheerleader. Her attitude of never giving up inspires me to do the same and I’m glad we could compete this year in Cheer 2013. – By CHRISTINE CHEAH

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