Let’s get to know the captains of some of the teams participating in the upcoming Cheer 2013.

wei lee

Ong Wei Lee, 16

Team Cyrens, SM Sri Kuala Lumpur, Selangor.

THREE years ago, Ong Wei Lee was just another newbie who wanted to give cheerleading a try. Now, she’s the captain of the mighty Cyrens, the three-time defending champions of Cheer.

How did you get into cheerleading?

My older sister was also a cheerleader. After watching cheerleading videos on YouTube, I was inspired to try it out for myself when I was in Form One.

Best cheerleading moment?

My first time competing in Cheer was in 2011 and Cyrens won for the second year running.

What is the most important element for success in cheerleading?

The right attitude. Even if you have the talent, you still need the discipline to train because it is not easy.

How often do you practice?

Cyrens and Rayvens (SM Sri KL’s junior team) train three to four times weekly. While the gymnastics training is two hours long, the routine sessions can take up three hours. I usually get home after 7pm feeling totally dead. I would go to sleep, and then wake up at about 3am just to finish my homework and revise before going to school.

What are the struggles faced by cheerleaders?

We have to carry on even with our injuries, especially when a competition is just around the corner. I have had ligament injuries on my elbows and ankles.

Any cheerleaders you look up to?

Maddie Gardner (an American allstar cheerleader). I saw a YouTube video of one of her performances at the world championships. She pushed through in spite of a stunt mistake. It was incredible.

Does your school give your cheerleading team any support?

The school is extremely enthusiastic about Cheer. We even have a committee called “Sri KL Cyrens and Rayvens Supporters” (SCARS) and they put in a lot of effort for Cheer. — By DENIELLE LEONG

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