THE Oscar’s ”best actress curse” has struck again, and this time around, it happened just weeks after the Academy Awards ended.

If you’re not aware of the so-called curse, it is said that whenever a married actress wins the Oscar, her marriage will most likely suffer. This year, the latest celebrity couples to suffer this fate are Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, and Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.


Happier times

Sandra and Jesse met in 2004 on the set of Jesse’s TV show Monster Garage. They tied the knot a year later, and the funny woman took to married life quite easily, even bonding with Jesse’s three children.

Unfortunately, Jesse’s not exactly Mr Nice Husband. His ex-wife Janine Lindemulder had previously made accusations on what a terrible husband he was when they were married but no one took notice. When news broke that Jesse had pulled a ”Tiger Woods”, the shock lasted for about a minute.

This all happened shortly after Sandra walked away from the Academy Awards with a best actress Oscar. In her acceptance speech, Sandra mentioned just how lucky she was to have her husband Jesse in her life, and she sounded genuinely grateful. Aww, the poor thing had no idea what was coming her way!

Meanwhile, Kate, who won the award last year, is also recently separated from her husband of seven years, director Sam. They have a six-year-old son together.

The buxom British beauty was recently seen without her wedding ring after news of her husband’s infidelity surfaced. Sam denies the accusations, but sources claim otherwise.

Rumour has it that Sam has been seeing Rebecca Hall, another British actress, behind Kate’s back.

The leading lady had already experienced a failed marriage before meeting Sam (she was married to director Jim Threapleton and they, too, have a child together), and she moved on to making better movies, honing her skills as an actress while looking fabulous. We’re sure that another divorce wouldn’t make much of a dent on her illustrious career and life now.

Reese has already moved on from her failed marriage to Ryan

Reese has already moved on from her failed marriage to Ryan

Just take a look at Reese Witherspoon who also didn’t let a broken marriage stop her from moving forward. After winning the Best Actress Oscar in 2006 for her spectacular performance as June Carter in the movie Walk The Line, Reese filed for divorce from Ryan Phillippe.

She left Ryan, her husband of seven years, and went on to make movies like Four Christmases and Monsters Vs Aliens. Okay, so those movies weren’t all that good but she’s still a lot more popular than Ryan.

She recently broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal after a two-year relationship, and is now rumoured to be dating Jim Toth, a Hollywood movie agent.

Reese is not the only girl to date a movie agent after being hit by the curse.

Hilary Swank is currently dating her long-time agent, John Campisi, after her nine-year marriage to Chad Lowe went kaput a few years back, right after she won the Best Actress award in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby.

Hilary in her award-winning role

Hilary in her award-winning role

Another casualty of the curse is Halle Berry who left her husband Eric Benet after news of his unfaithfulness made the Hollywood rounds. Eric finally admitted to having a sex addiction and voluntarily entered a sex rehabilitation centre. Unfortunately, the programme couldn’t undo the mistakes or save Halle’s three-year marriage to the singer.

Sharm says: Guess whose marriage will not be affected by the curse? Jessica Alba’s, if you know what I mean.

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