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Why divorce is on the rise in Malaysia

Divorce rates in Malaysia are almost double they were in 2004. So, what’s changed about marriage?

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Going for the happily ever after

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN JANET Chin watched her parents go through a messy divorce when she was a teenager, and for a while vowed she would never get married. For years, she believed that marrying young, pressure from family members and conforming to the norms of their generation were the root of her parents’ […]

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Put a ring on it

LIKE almost everyone else in the world, I spent the whole of last week anticipating Prince William and Kate (or is it Catherine) Middleton’s wedding.

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George Clooney was once married?

OMG…I don’t know if you had known this before but it seriously is a serious piece of news to me!

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Making mistakes

COUNTRY singer LeAnn Rimes was recently featured on the cover of Shape, and it would have gone by unnoticed if not for the furore over it.

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Cursed winners

THE Oscar’s ”best actress curse” has struck again, and this time around, it happened just weeks after the Academy Awards ended.

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