Looks like them Cryptozoic folks continue to keep busy: time for a new World of Warcraft (WoW) TCG expansion, this time, Tomb of the Forgotten!


First bunch of previews have been running on the official WoW TCG website for close to a week now, and man it looks sweet. Okay, so that’s probably the inner WoW fanboy in me speaking, but I’m quaking in my boots looking at the spoilers for this new set!


There are new keywords, such as Sentinel – “When this ally exhausts for the first time each turn, you may ready it.” Just plain wow! If you look at what General Husam does, it’s pretty sick. Yeah, sucks to be attacking anyone with that guy, really.


By the way, the General guy, plus a host of other allies and Heroes, are Tol’vir. Not too clear on who these guys are, except that they look a lot like them ancient Egyptian deity and mummy guys. And I like mummies!


Crikey, mummies, in the WoW universe? Brokenly awesome new cards? Spankingly good artwork? Take my money please!


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