LAST week was all about Phillip Phillips, the latest “white guy with a guitar” to win American Idol.

Following in the footsteps of Kris Allen, David Cook, Lee DeWyze and Scotty McCreery, Phillips plucked the heartstrings of America all the way to winning the season 11 finale, leaving millions of Jessica Sanchez fans broken-hearted.

So instead of our usual hard-hitting-ish topics, we decided to see what you guys think – was Phillips a worthy winner with his laid-back unconventional style, or should Sanchez have triumphed with her less unique but seemingly unlimited vocal ability?

We also ran a story on how reality talent competitions haven’t been doing so great. Ratings for the Idol finale were at an all-time low this year (down a staggering 23% from last season), as they were with the latest season of Dancing With The Stars. The US version of X Factor only brought in half the viewers Simon Cowell had promised, and The Voice US’ second season has seen consistently lowered ratings compared to its debut.

How long more can these shows go on? Will you guys still watch American Idol in the coming years? Here’s your verdict:

Do you think Phillip Phillips deserved to be the new American Idol?
@AngryManokz: Phillip Phillips deserved to win. He’s a singer-songwriter. It’s not always about hitting the big notes.
@mervin7: Phillip needed to win AI to make it big. Jessica didn’t. She will be a bigger hit than Phillip even if she didn’t win.
shienIZED: obviously so.
@nxsh_: Doesnt matter as long as Phillip Phillips won!
Wongie: Jessica should have won, she’s fantastic. Phillip Phillips can sing. Jessica Sanchez can SING. Big difference.
@soleil1216: while JS deserve it, PP also deserve the crown.
@serena_cheong: I still think Joshua Ledet should have won #AmericanIdol

How long more do you think American Idol will survive?
@carmenblur: next season could be its last. AI is becoming more like a popularity contest and ‘whoever is the cutest wins’ kind of show.
@ruxyn: from the likes of it.. nt too long.. since there are so many reality tv shows becoming more interesting than AI :1
@lemuelong: I think they should probably stop already. =/ Or maybe have one last season to close it all. 12 is a nice number. lol
@HazeemBorhan: The truth of reality shows are that they come and go like season’s change 🙂
@sincerely_yeeli: I feel like it might end in a couple of years if more guitar-playing cute white guys win. :p
@AngryManokz: AI has come to a point that everyone must let go of that show. it has been in a long run and it’s getting boring.
@carmensakura07: Agreed. AI is getting boring and tiring. Frankly, I couldn’t care less anymore. They should end it.
@sarcaSam21: they just need to bring Cowell back. Grovel if they have to.
@yuukuzuri: The most exciting part of the show is honestly just the auditions. Other than that, we have been watching for 10 years. It’s needs to be freshened up a bit I think? Change the format or smthing
— Compiled by Kevin Tan

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