After a year plus of serious Magic: the Gathering (MTG in short) casual action, the “inner MTG soul” in me instantly evaporated thanks to an awesomely simple but addictive Fantasy Flight Games’ reimagining of an old Games Workshop classic, “Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game”.


More on the latter in a November post of course!


And almost magically, I was once again drawn to dust off my trusty World of Warcraft TCG (WoW TCG) decks, and field them to epic questing and what-not, once again. Ah, long have I missed my favourite Goblin Rogue, Gnome Warrior and Blood Elf Death Knight decks!


Anyways, the reawakening of the inner “WoW TCG-er” in me leads me to Cryptozoic’s new upcoming Dungeon Decks and Dungeon Deck Treasure Packs, which hits most parts of the world by mid-November.


I quote the official Cryptozoic announcement’s web post: “You and two friends will raid Scarlet Monastery, The Deadmines, and Shadowfang Keep. Fight Scarlet Commander Mograine, “Captain” Cookie, and Lord Godfrey. First, though, your party will need to clear through their lieutenants and minions like Herod, the Scarlet Champion, Baron Ashbury, and Foe Reaper 5000.”


Wow, sounds awesome enough. I can therefore deduce the plethora of cool allies to be had in this special set. Dungeon decks look set to be one of those not-allowed-for-tournament-play sort of sets, with the exception of a very small number of allies, equipment and what-not, which players win or secure or gain during the Dungeon explorations. Yeap, just like the older Raid Deck Sets!


There seems to be differing difficulty settings for players attempting these Dungeon Decks. Info in the first posts seem scant, so more spoilers as the date of reckoning nears I guess.


Get your WoW TCG on, with the uber cool Dungeon Decks!


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