Game conventions are rare in Malaysia – yours truly could remember only one a few years back, which was held in a major Klang Valley shopping mall.


Well, looks like there’s another one coming up in December!


The name of the event’s MaGaCon, which is billed by the organizers as Malaysia’s “first annual independent analog & digital gaming convention,” run by gamers for gamers.


The event is slated to be held in the Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU) University College (the Damansara Jaya campus) over the weekend of the 17th and18th of December.


The highlight of MaGaCon will be the “Gamerlympics,” where the search for the “Game Lord of Malaysia” will take place, with the ultimate prize being  an all-expense paidtrip to the Penny Arcade Expo next year.


For trading card game enthusiasts, especially the hardcore competitors, there will be the prestigious Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Trial Kuala Lumpur World Championship event taking place then.


Miniature gamers and boardgame fans will be keen to know that there will be Warhammer 40K, Settlers of Catan and Monopoly tournaments to keep them busy.


Those who prefer video games might want to check out the various Xbox 360 and PC game sessions then.


The more casual visitors who prefer the more fun events will want to check out the MaGaCon Event Achievements, which are supposed to be themed mini events and interactive.


Incentives in the form of exclusive prizes can be won by simply fulfilling and completing the achievements of the “40k Fanboi”, the “Planewalker’s JourneyThrough Worlds” and “Technocrat” events.


Naturally, you will be also glad to know that anyone visiting the event will be free to house themselves there and get their respective games on, in designated “freeplay areas.”


So far, MaGaCon is co-sponsored and supported by Microsoft Malaysia, Asus, GameAxis Malaysia, Games Workshop, Hasbro Malaysia, Meeples Cafe, Legio Malaysia, BoardgameCafé, Outpost Toys , FnD Mindspot, Wynet Solutions, Scratchdisk and KDU University College.


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