So how is your first two weeks of May been to you? If you’re a TCG freak like me, specifically WoW (World of Warcraft), then you’d be enjoying the new expansion, War of the Elements.

While the previews were solid, the feedback from the playgroup that I’m in was more mixed when it was released.

Then again, I blame that on the pretty average pulls from the boxes we got.

After a couple of weeks of trying the new cards, specific decks do look stronger with some of the cards.

(By the way, you won’t get a detailed set review here – for those I suggest you head on to

Being a Mage player, the Arcane talent spec looked tasty enough. The new card Arcane Barrage for instance, is a cool card simply because of its reusability – something that pops your opponent twice is always a good thing.

Oh by the way, starting from War of the Elements onwards, hero cards will not have talent specs printed on them. Instead, you will be encouraged to build specific talent decks – you could go with all the Holy Paladin cards in the same deck, or Retribution-only, as an example.

A neat way of streamlining I gotta say, and it’s little things like this that convince me that Cryptozoic is doing a fine job with the franchise so far.

As the set’s name suggests, the set has copious amounts of Elemental cards. I’m not only talking about the Shaman spec, but really, there’s a new way of building decks with Elements, and it’s quite literally a bomb, in a good way.

I just lost over the weekend to a finely-built Fire Elemental deck – paired with a Shaman, it was simply awesome. The new Elemental lords, as well as locations, are key to the decks, as the tokens add up quickly, giving unprepared opponents a truly painful time.

Want to find out more on how to properly build that Elemental deck? Try the official WoW TCG website for an article that teaches you how to do exactly that (

Now excuse while I’m off to figure out other effective ways to beat the new decks. There are many cards to be acquired!

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