A couple of tabloids have reported that Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid for 150 million pounds after a falling out with manager Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese ace is said to have had a disagreement with Mourinho over tactics, and there were hints of discontent when Ronaldo said he “didn’t like the (defensive) tactics” his manager used against Barcelona during the Champions League semi-final.

Ronaldo currently has an impossible 900 million pound buy-out clause in his contract, but the same reports are saying that 150 million will do it for Madrid.

Not buying it

If you asked me, I think it’s total bullsh*t. For one, Madrid would rather fire Mourinho than sell Ronaldo. Sounds crazy, but that’s the kind of club they are. It’s Galacticos over the managers.

Secondly, no club in the world – not even Manchester City – would pay 150 million pounds for one player. That’s almost double what Real paid when they signed him from Manchester United, and that was already a transfer record by quite some distance.

Even if Man City do decide to make a bid, they’ll have to give him a huge pay rise to even consider joining them. Ronaldo has maintained a good relationship with United fans since he left the club, and has often spoken about his bromance with Alex Ferguson, so it would take a sh*tload of cash to make him join United’s bitter city rivals.

Plus, he already earns over 200,000 pounds a week now with Real Madrid. By that reckoning, City will have to offer at least 350,000 pounds a week, and considering club captain Carlos Tevez is widely reported to have a clause in his contract that ensures he’s the highest-paid player in Man City, the club will be shelling out more than 700,000 pounds A WEEK on just two players. They already pay Yaya Toure around 220,000 pounds.

I don’t care how much money them Abu Dhabi dudes have, that does NOT make sense.

Even if we ignored the exaggerated figures, why would Madrid want to sell their best player? He has scored 38 goals in the league this season, more than Lionel Messi, and he plays with teammates that create far fewer chances than Messi’s array of creative co-stars in Barcelona.

Ronaldo is as indispensable as a player can be. Madrid’s attempt to overhaul their bitter rivals has already failed, but they would never have had a chance in the first place without Ronaldo.

Not so special at Madrid

Mourinho on the other hand, judging by Madrid’s recent track record, is very much dispensable. He’s already had run-ins with the club president, and his widely-professed love for the English game has made it infinitely clear he didn’t view his Madrid gig as a long-term one – something that could now work against him.

And there seems to be an unprecedented amount of top management talent in the market who are either unemployed or in transition right now that could take Mourinho’s place.

Rafa Benitez, Marcelo Lippi, Frank Rijkaard, Carlo Ancelotti (very soon, if Abramovic sticks to character) and of course the great Sam Allardyce (kidding!) are all without jobs; while Sven-Goran Eriksson, Guus Hiddink and Luis Felipe Scolari shouldn’t be too hard to tempt away from their posts at Leicester City, Turkey and Palmeiras respectively.

Don’t put it beyond Real Madrid to hire the “New Special One”, Porto manager Andre Villas-Boas, just to annoy Mourinho either. Villas-Boas helped Porto to the Portuguese league title without losing a single match and also claimed the Europa League.

Villas-Boas has recently pledged his future to Porto, but if Real Madrid came calling, don’t expect him to hang around too long.

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