Virtual bystanders

By IAN YEE THE reaction on Twitter to Amanda Bynes’ all-too-familiar child star meltdown was as expected – lots of clever remarks, insults and, from her few remaining fans, counter-insults. Having just gone through a whole lot of research on the diffusion of responsibility theory (aka the “bystander effect”) for our cover story last […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Madrid?

A couple of tabloids have reported that Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid for 150 million pounds after a falling out with manager Jose Mourinho.

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Wenger’s biggest test – spending money

He’s one of the greatest managers to have ever graced the Premier League. He has revolutionised English football, and unearthed some of the finest players of the past decade. But still, Arsene Wenger has yet to master the art of spending big.

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FIFA’s comedy show

FIFA’S Ballon d’Or Gala awards ceremony last week in Switzerland turned out to be a bit of a joke. But then again, what’s new with FIFA?

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All too predictable

IT HAS been a dramatic season of European club football leading up to the World Cup, yet the ultimate prize in the continent was won in utterly predictable fashion.

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