MANY exiciting happenings and scandalous affairs took centrestage last week! Were you able to keep up with all the news?

Well, just in case you didn’t have time for the hot goss, I have the juicy details here for you.

No tame cat

For years, the thought of Tiger Woods alone made me yawn. I could not think of a more boring celebrity. Honestly. He looks boring, talks boring, has a weird name, doesn’t do anything exciting and to top it all off, plays golf — a sport I would never understand. But all that changed last week.

The Tigergate fiasco put a new spin on this personality and suddenly, there is something interesting about the man with the golden putt. First, I got a Tweet saying that Tiger was in a serious car crash and was badly injured. I offered a little prayer hoping that he gets out of it alive.

Then, other news started to pour in – he crashed into a tree, a frantic 911 call, his wife smashed the car windows with a golf club, no alcohol involved, etc. I honestly thought that Tiger had a heart attack while pulling into/out of his driveway – thus the accident – but little did I expect the scandal behind the crash.

Well, apparently Tiger is no tame cat. He’s not only been snuggling up to his wife of five-years (and mother of his two children) Elin Nordegren, but also to other women (I’ve lost count)!

Despite Tiger’s effort to stop the media speculation, through an open apology note on his website, people can’t stop talking about it. Report has it that Elin gets to keep USD60mil (on top of the USD20mil in the pre-nuptial agreement) if she stays in the marriage, and the same source claims that the alleged homewreckers are also being paid heavy moolah to keep their traps shut.

Sharm says: Oh Tiger, who knew you love to swing more than just your golf clubs?

The drama queen whisperer

John Mayer is not just a playboy who breaks hearts easily. He also knows how to mend them, if what allegedly went down in Butter, a New York based nightclub, is to be believed.

Apparently, the singer helped former flames Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson act civil with one another and that my friends, is a huge feat.

Remember Lindsay’s Twitter tirade over Samantha just a few weeks ago?

Sources claim that John had a few words with SamRo before they walked over to a sulky LiLo and few moments later, both Sam and Lindsay were seen laughing and talking just like old times … aww.

So what did John say to Samantha to get her act nice to Lindsay? Hours later, Lindsay left this Twitter message on her page: ”@johncmayer shhhhhhhhhhhhhh butter-face :)”

Sharm says: Does this mean Sam and LiLo are back together? Oh no, here we go again!

Trouble in paradise

Uh oh…things are not looking good between Khloe Kardashian and her new husband Lamar Odom. Wow, that was fast. They’ve only been married for like what … two months?

Rumour is that Khloe and Lamar were seen arguing in a restaurant last week, and wifey came out all red-eyed and puffy-faced. Poor thing. What happened Lamar?

Did Khloe ask for a new pre-nup seeing that even docile Tiger gets some action and worries that a Los Angeles Lakers stud like you might get more? Tsk, tsk.

Sharm says: Not all marriages are trouble free and last forever … not even the ones made in Hollywood.

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