Terror brewed in us as we looked out the window and saw the dizzying height we were at from the SkyCab.

SkyCab at Gunung Machinchang is famed for being the steepest cable car system in the world. We were brought up hundreds of meters into the air in a fifteen minute ride from the base station to the top Station, approximately 700m up in the mountains.

The main attraction however was the SkyBridge – the longest free span curved bridge in the world, a marvel of engineering.

Once on the SkyBridge, the view was breathtaking. Instead of feeling like we were on an assignment, it felt like we were there for vacation.

An interesting feature of the SkyBridge is the see-through glass panel flooring located at different points along the walkway. It allows visitors to look down and feel like you’re walking on air — around 80m up in the air, to be precise.

But before that, we visited SkyTrex, a place not for the weak of heart.

SkyTrex is a unique tree-to-tree obstacle course. The circuit is built amidst trees at the foothill of Gunung Macinchang, made of mostly wood and cable.

We went through a crash course on how to handle the equipment.

The most challenging obstacles were the ones going uphill because they required the most energy. Everyone’s favourite obstacle was the zipline, which required no energy at all. We put our bravery and fear of heights to the test. 

Clearly, we were so “brave”.

It was a physically taxing activity; most of our legs were weak after. We learned that most of us aren’t as fit as we thought we were. We learned today that sometimes your stories don’t go the way you want them to. But we also learned that as long as we keep our heads up, and stick together as a team, there is no obstacle too large to overcome.

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