One may think the beach we went to today looked pretty cool. Nice sand, a swing, little huts, the works.

Teluk Mempelam in all its glory . #TeamClarissa #BratsLangkawi2015 #telukmempelam

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… until you look closely.

Rubbish was scattered all over the beach, ruining its natural vibe. The Rotarary Club of Langkawi is a passionate group who has been regularly organinsing clean-ups as part of their environmental conservation efforts.

Today, we had the privilege of joining the Rotarians’ Teluk Membelang beach clean up project. The BRATs picked up plastic bottles and cans, dug holes to remove nets buried under the sand, and flipped a slab of rock to pull out plastic bags.    

@kashmeerapillai from #TeamClarissa using all her “strength” in today’s beach clean up project. ? A photo posted by =]>FoNeBoNE<[= (@khairul.adri) on


Within half an hour, we had collected a small mound of trash. #ACCOMPLISHED #StrangelyFufilling

Under the guidance of the Rotarians, we gave back to mother nature by replanting mangrove saplings. It was not an easy task with our feet sinking into the muddy riverbank like quick sand in slow motion.

Despite the tricky task, we felt pride in directly involving ourselves in such a meaningful movement (and dirtying our feet in the mud – a personal childhood desire). Throughout the day, we cruised along the Kilim River, enjoying a view that resembled a scene out of a nature documentary. There were acres of lush greenery at every corner we turned, totally worth the bumby boat ride.

All in all, it was a fruitful day at the Kilim River where we learned that nature is everyone’s responsibility.

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