Hope everyone had a nice break during the Raya holidays!


Anyways, yours truly had a smashing time keeping up with the various Gen Con Indy 2012 news filtering out of the United States during the long Raya weekend.


And to top things off, my favorite gaming company, Fantasy Flight Games had a ton of announcements over this past week and a half, and then some.


First up, if you missed the key highlights of their Gen Con stuff, check out their YouTube channel here. The long and short of it is: the new Android card game looks like a smash hit already, and the new Star Wars minis game, the Living Card Game (LCG) and the role-playing game (RPG) beta all look noteworthy and exciting enough for gamers and fans to dive into.


By the way, there’s at least one Klang Valley-based Facebook group page on Android, here, so head on there if you’re keen, why don’t you hit that link up? They’ve even got a copy of the game already, and it’s not even supposed to be on sale till late 2012!


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