Living card games have been steadily making its market in the increasingly diverse boardgames and card games market for a few years now.


The idea that one can share “expansions” which come in non-random assortments, thus reducing the need to “chase” cards, is one that seems to balance out the money factor so inherent in trading card games (TCGs), such as Magic: the Gathering. (By the way, Dark Ascension, the latest Magic set, has been completely “de-spoilered” here.)


As an “old hand” when it comes to TCGs, I have to admit that the kick of opening packs has somewhat lost its luster completely. Maybe it’s the awesome Blood Bowl Team Manager card game from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG), which allows a mini-league to be run easily, but TCGs are certainly extremely low on my priority list now. I’m cured, haha!


Anyways, FFG has recently announced new league support kits across its three leading LCGs, A Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu and Warhammer Invasion.


These First Quarter 2012 LCG Game Night Kits are supposed to add another dimension of play to the existing games, by introducing new incentives and levels of play, via Achievement Books.


To quote FFG’s official announcement: “Each kit features Achievement Books that layer new challenges and accomplishments on top of regular play. Achievements offer veteran players a wide variety of game-specific challenges to tackle each week and reward new players with a sense of accomplishment as they mark these goals completed.”


Wow, just when I was actually considering Warhammer Invasion, on top of my ongoing Blood Bowl Team Manager league! So, game to try?


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