Black riders

I’m a big Lord of the Rings (LOTR) fan, and being a card game and boardgame nutter, have played several games based on the awesome franchise.   My first ever Cards & Boards print column story was on the LOTR RISK boardgame. The LOTR TCG (Trading Card Game) by Decipher was one of my most […]

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Tools for capture

When Fantasy Flight Games previewed the Jawa bunch from their upcoming The Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion set for the Star Wars Living Card Game, I screamed Utinni so many times, I think I freaked my neighbors out.   The Edge of Darkness will satisfy those who want to play the yellow (Smugglers and Spies) […]

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Force games

One of my most memorable card gaming experiences happened early in my “journey” – actually, 1996 to be precise. I was getting bored of Magic: the Gathering, and thanks to my cousin’s persuasive powers, I was lured into the Star Wars Customizable Card Game (SW CCG), made by Decipher Inc.   Decipher was cashing in […]

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Good times for Star Wars fans

Well, looks like it’s a darned good time to be a Star Wars fan. Several weeks back, Disney announced that it was buying up LucasFilm, AND firmly continuing the huge science-fiction and pop culture phenomenon with a new bunch of movies.   Game-wise, it’s been pretty good as well, with Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars […]

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The Force is coming

Star Wars has a special place in my heart, and is a helluva monster franchise. Eons ago (in the mid-1990s to be precise), when trading card games (TCGs) were starting to be all the rage, Decipher Inc. launched the Star Wars Customizable Card Game (SWCCG), right after making a Star Trek TCG.   The game […]

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Another old classic returns

Fantasy Flight Games is fast turning out to be my favourite gaming company, as it announces the return of another classic game. Android: Netrunner is an LCG (living card game) that is based on Netrunner, an old card game first conceived and released back in 1996, by Richard Garfield (yeap, the designer for Magic: the Gathering). […]

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Star Wars LCG announcement

Remember a few months back when Fantasy Flight Games announced that they’ll be making a Star Wars Living Card Game?   A Living Card Game, or an LCG, is a more wallet-friendly version of the ever popular trading card game (TCG). But, unlike TCGs, LCGs come in fixed assortments, so there’s no need to plough […]

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Cheaper alternatives

THOSE of you familiar with trading card games (TCGs) will definitely love the fun and dynamic aspects of such games. The frequently refreshed pool of cards, in the form of new expansions, is the key unique selling proposition and main draw for fans and collectors alike. This does necessitate repeat purchasing, and is something of […]

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FFG gives its LCGs a boost

Living card games have been steadily making its market in the increasingly diverse boardgames and card games market for a few years now.   The idea that one can share “expansions” which come in non-random assortments, thus reducing the need to “chase” cards, is one that seems to balance out the money factor so inherent […]

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