Remember a few months back when Fantasy Flight Games announced that they’ll be making a Star Wars Living Card Game?


A Living Card Game, or an LCG, is a more wallet-friendly version of the ever popular trading card game (TCG). But, unlike TCGs, LCGs come in fixed assortments, so there’s no need to plough through boxes of randomized booster packs for that heavy hitter.


Back to the Star Wars LCG: looks like the game’s gone “back to the drawing board”, so says Fantasy Flight Games.


Quite an unusual development I must say. With almost no spoilers to speak of, save for several previewed card images, we await with bated breath on this one. Looks like we got to hold on a little bit longer!


FFG now estimates that it should be published by end-2012. But the caveat is that this might change, judging by the announcement’s comment on creative processes that may take longer.


Okay, why don’t you watch Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, now playing in the local cinemas? Depending on where you stand, you can either take me seriously or take that in jest, haha!


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