Long-time Magic: the Gathering fans will remember the days when buying certain novels and comics actually gave them the chance to redeem and score some real valuable and rare exclusive tie-in cards.


Remember Mana Crypt? Well, those days in Magic, Wizards of the Coast was quite open in coming up with cards so rare, they became instant collector’s items.


Nowadays, Wizards is a lot stricter in such promo cards, which is pretty much good news for many fans and collectors’ (and their wallets too no doubt).


Apparently the current policy is, no promo or tie-in card can be a new card, and should only be an existing card with alternate artwork. But this does not stop some of these alternate artwork cards from becoming prized loot on their own.


So, you wanna get those new alternate art cards from IDW’s new Magic: the Gathering comic books, soon! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya – different cards for selected issues.


Awesome deal right? Score some before they’re gone!


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