Well, looks like it’s a darned good time to be a Star Wars fan. Several weeks back, Disney announced that it was buying up LucasFilm, AND firmly continuing the huge science-fiction and pop culture phenomenon with a new bunch of movies.


Game-wise, it’s been pretty good as well, with Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures seeing a decent start, even here, despite a small assortment of products.


The diverse games manufacturer is now heavily previewing its Living Card Game, which promises to give the franchise another boost. Haven’t had a chance to digest it yet? Then head on to the FFG website to get started, pronto!


Personally, I’m still disappointed that the LCG will not use any film imagery (ah Decipher Inc, you have been greatly missed), but artwork instead. The LCG treatment might seem more sensible and wallet-friendly, though my past conversations with other LCG players have given me the impression that the savings will be marginal.


After all, they reduce the money factor, but players are still encouraged to buy new sets that have cool new cards in them. Ah, only time will tell of course – hoping to score a set on loan, for a quickie review!


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