IN conjunction with Universal Children’s Day this year, R.AGE together with UNICEF Malaysia and Childline Malaysia moderated special #RAGEchat sessions (on Friday and Sunday) that covered issues pertaining to youths, namely teen love and relationship pressures. Here’s what the Tweeples had to say:

What do you think being in a relationship is really about?

@Nurul_Aiiin: Being with someone who loves you for who you are despite your flaws

@psychoticAnusha: its about caring and being cared for, making certain sacrifices, and generally, to love that special someone (:

@zomg_its_rin: Trust, understanding, communication, give/take. Maturity on both ends. NOT something to take lightly.

@Heyyydaaay: Respecting the other person and liking them for who they are, not what they’re trying too hard to become

@Tashairina: It’s about having a connection with someone and building upon that with trust and love.


What are some of the things about relationships that stresses you out?

@whitealyssum: Relationships get complicated when people start to find out especially if you want your relationship to be low profile.

@afstacey: sometimes! don’t knw if i should tolerate or give up.

@AmaZayn_Zee: Well having a secret relationship that ur parents dont approve of.. You’re scared that they’ll find out and you go all out to

@Eyymaann: sulking partner, when you can’t do anything to get her in a good mood

@jasonmumbles: The constant seeking of attention makes me really stressed out. :/

@carmenblur: Very stressful. Peer pressure. Everybody (in high school) was getting a bf/gf. I committed into one solely just to fit in.


Do you think emotional abuse happens in teen relationships? If yes, how?

@Heyyydaaay: Yes, for example when the other person bullies you into violating your beliefs or principles.

@tiffanykhoo: Guilt trips, comparisons, expectations, emotional blackmail. “If you really trusted me you wouldn’t mind” “Don’t you love me?”

@ChrisDanHimoru: or, Either you choose “this” or me. O.O

@GetLei_d: “If you loved me, you’d do it/you’d say yes”


Any advice for teens in stressful relationships?

@whitealyssum: Do what is right, put your happiness before other’s.

@chuue: Tell someone. If you don’t tell anyone no one will know.

@zhifern: get out of it ASAP since it’s becoming unhealthy for both sides.

@xNetushax: Muster the courage to walk out of it. You must realise someone will love you better and this isn’t “the one”.

Check out more tweets from the special #RAGEchat using the #MYTeenLove hashtag.

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