Humanitarian photographer Giacomo Pirozzi offers four tips on how to represent children in a fair way in pictures.

1. We should not reveal the identity of children in special cases such as children in conflict with the law, child soldiers, HIV positive children, victims of sexual abuse and any other cases where the security of the child would be compromised. There are lots of ways in which we can still have powerful shots without showing the identity of the subject.




2. Right to dignity, respect and protection. Normally, children do not mind being photographed, so it becomes our responsibility to make sure that they are represented in a dignified way even in situations of extreme poverty.

kid starving

3. If the children are living in extreme circumstances, we should try to add an best online casino element of ‘hope’ in order to avoid the exploitation of human suffering. Most of the children I saw – who were starving when they arrived at the therapeutic centres – recovered within three weeks. Hence, it would be nice to associate an image of a child after recovery too.

kid starving 2


4. I recommend that all images be embedded with captions, where information related to the child is clearly stated, as a sign of respect to the child and his/her identity.


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