Living as a Muslim in Cambodia

Cambodian Muslims are slowly rebuilding their lives – with a little help from Malaysians.

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Let’s talk about sex… education

Finally, we’re having an actual conversation about sex ed in schools. The government, NGO’s, parents and teachers pledged their support for better sex education after Hentikan!!

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Early edition at R.AGE

These ex-R.AGErs were among the first few to join The Star’s pioneering youth section. Here, they reveal their best memories from their years spent at R.AGE

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A great friend indeed

Rakan Muda is back with a bang, paving the way for a brand new generation to experience its character-building capabilities.

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Occupational hazard

When ‘Umbrella Revolution’ leader Joshua Wong was deported from Malaysia, he called someone to take his place — 17-year-old Prince Wong.

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Asean Values

Awareness about the Asean region is high, according to the Asean Awareness Survey 2014. But what does this translate to?

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Hot stuff

Three YouTubers with over 70 million views among them start a cafe, and it’s called Morningwood.

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Stress-free date nights

The founders of a new dating website hope to make date nights a breeze for busy urban couples.

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What I’ve learnt about racism on the property market

Our contributor-turned-realtor Clarissa Say gives her perspective on racial discrimination on the rental market.

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Realty bites

Young real estate agents are tired of homeowners’ racial preferences, but face an uphill battle for change.

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