Eat, sleep, code, repeat

Five groups of aspiring techpreneurs will receive training under one roof for three months thanks to StartupHouse.

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Cream of the crop

Check out the teams at StartupHouse and the apps they’re working on.

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My ‘attempt’ at being a sugar baby

Our reporter Lim May Lee dived headfirst into the world of sugar daddies/babies to learn more about the ‘sugar lifestyle’.

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Wade-ing into the sugar life

R.AGE talks to Brandon Wade, founder of, about the sugar lifestyle.

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Songwriter stories

David Choi’s new album is called Stories of You’s and Me, so it’s no surprise he has got tonnes of stories about the people he has connected with.

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Local motion

Two of the Malaysian finalists at Tropfest SEA 2015 talk about the highs and lows of making films in South-East Asia.

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Chasing cars

Team Eco-Chaser will be racing in an all-new category at the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia in Manila.

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Music, Autistic

Modern superheroes

Young therapists in Malaysia are making their mark through their work with special needs children.

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Flying high

R.AGE hopped aboard a thrilling ride with cheerleading team, Awesome Legends.

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Make that change

R.AGE talked to some inspiring young people about their views on human rights at the recent Human Rights: A Youth’s Perspective workshop.

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