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Students Against Trafficking is a R.AGE campaign to mobilise students in the fight against student trafficking. Supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, the campaign calls on higher education institutions to make their campuses safer for international students by implementing simple policy changes.

Pledge on social media by posting the pledge badge on the institution’s official Facebook page and captioning it with the hashtag #studentsagainsttrafficking

Generate a pledge badge here:

Implement a “commission-only” policy for recruitment agents. This means that agents are not allowed to charge students directly. They can only earn a commission from the institution. Institutions need to state clearly on its website that it practises this policy. Institutions also need to display a list of recruitment agents that are known to be reliable and honest on its recruitment website.

Adopt anti-trafficking procedures. Institutions implement procedures that:
a. screen for victims of trafficking before students are enrolled
b. help staff and students identify victims of trafficking

These procedures are to be displayed at the institution’s office and common areas.

Show us how you implemented these pledges by email to
Send us descriptions, photos, or even a short video on your efforts to stop student trafficking!

Your efforts will be reflected on the campaign website, so that the public can see which institutions are taking serious action.

Is your institution doing enough?

Institutions are ranked in a tier system: Tier 1 (blue) shows successful implementation of all pledges, Tier 2 (orange) represents institutions who have pledged to end student trafficking, and Tier 3 (red) displays institutions who have not responded to the campaign.

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