R.AGE’s Student/Trafficked investigations started in 2016, when we first heard of colleges being used to scam and exploit aspiring university students from Bangladesh. After a documentary campaign that lasted nearly two years, and numerous discussions with government enforcement agencies, there still is no solution being offered to the tens of thousands of victims who continue to live here in conditions akin to modern-day slavery.

But we can do more. R.AGE, with the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, is now calling for students and education institutions to help end student trafficking with a few simple steps.

As paying customers of education institutions, here is how you can make your voices heard.

Make campuses safer for international students by implementing simple policy changes.


Throughout R.AGE’s year-long investigation, we collected multiple reports from victims of student trafficking.

The map below shows the compiled cases of student trafficked cases and their experiences. The markers are colour-coded based on countries these victims are from.

*Names are pseudonyms to protect their identities

Tell us your story

Click the link below to report your case. Our partner NGOs and MOHE will investigate for elements of trafficking.
Anyone who knows an agent or institution involved in trafficking can also make a report using the same form.

This form is confidential and we will not share your information without your consent. If you do not want an official investigation, you can inform us through the form. You can also choose to only share your information with the NGOs, if you need their assistance.

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