How colleges and universities are complicit in human trafficking: THE FULL DOCUMENTARY

Every year, thousands of Bangladeshi youths arrive in Malaysia to study in its colleges and universities. But behind many of these colleges are human traffickers who exploit these students.

Ep. 1: Investigating the student trafficking trade

The R.AGE team uncovers a network and industry dedicated to trafficking students and exploiting them for cheap labour.

Ep. 2: How student trafficking victims are forced to live in Malaysia

R.AGE goes undercover to experience the desperate living conditions of migrant workers in Malaysia.

Ep. 3: Going undercover to investigate student traffickers in Dhaka

In the final episode of Student/Trafficked, R.AGE journalists follow the trail of student traffickers all the way to Dhaka, Bangladesh. There, their investigations uncover a love story.

Trafficked Stories

Trafficking Stories : Pari

Pari and her husband paid RM30,000 (638,000 takas) to study in Malaysia, but ended up at a college which was just a front for trafficking students in to work.

Trafficking Stories : Samin

Samin relates a student trafficking horror story, having being falsely lured to work in Malaysia with the promise of a degree.

Trafficking Stories : Farid

Farid’s family had paid three years’ wages for a degree course in Malaysia, but he ended up without a degree and working illegally. Here’s what happened.

Trafficking Stories : Taufik

Taufik’s family in Bangladesh thinks he’s doing his post-graduate studies in Malaysia. The truth is, he had been cheated by an international trafficking syndicate, and is now working illegally.

Trafficking Stories : Jamal

Jamal dreamt of working and studying in Malaysia. He ended up cheated and living in a construction ghetto instead.

Meeting a trafficker

Meeting A Trafficker: Uncle

We go undercover to investigate a LANGUAGE CENTRE suspected of trafficking foreign students. The “uncle” operating the centre makes a startling admission.

Meeting A Trafficker: Scarface

R.AGE encountered this college agent during their undercover investigation, who explained how student trafficking is “easy and quick” money.

In Dhaka

R.AGE journalists meet student trafficking agents in Dhaka, Bangladesh

R.AGE undercover journalists meet student trafficking agents who operate out in the open in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Inside Dhaka’s black market – for BOOKS

In Bangladesh, there’s an entire market selling pirated books. That’s how desperate Bangladeshi youths are for education.


Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
responds to Student/Trafficked

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi responds to R.AGE’s latest investigative documentary series Student/Trafficked.

Bangladeshi community reacts to R.AGE’s student trafficking documentary

The Bangladeshi community in Kuala Lumpur reacts to Student/Trafficked.

Malvern International Academy responds to Student/Trafficked

One of the colleges we investigated as part of our Student/Trafficked series reached out to us. Here’s what the college’s CEO had to say.

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