020313 SW LCG inaugural seshIf you’ve been playing Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Living Card Game (SW LCG) of late, and have been looking for a bit more depth, on top of what the boxed game has been providing, you might have heard of this website called Team Covenant.


Strategy articles on the game might not exactly be plentiful, on FFG’s official site. The other solution would be searching via the Interwebs: not an altogether elegant and efficient solution since you might need to trawl through an insane number of forums and the likes, just to land on the relevant strategy and deck-building guides and viewpoints.


Team Covenant’s an LCG connoisseur’s heaven: it’s got beginner, intermediate and expert level articles on SW LCG, and then some.


You might have noticed SW LCG’s “finesse” and nuances, which require a different sort of fiddling through and tinkering with.


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